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The following describes the various ways of support.

1:  The Stewardship Level of Support
People who are called to be a part of a faith community.
This level could include priests, ministers, or lay people. Those at this level are people who are prepared to bring their talents and gifts to the table as tools of our Lord Jesus Christ. This Stewardship Level of Affiliation is committed to move toward the 10/10/10 principle of giving: parishioners give a tithe of 10% to their church; the church then gives 10% to the Mission Field; and the Mission Field gives 10% to AMiA.

Opportunities within this level would be:

   Participating in weekly Bible Study and Worship.

Development of ministries such as youth, music, intercessory prayer, Bible studies, and outreach.

Outreach development in the community with a focus on ministry to the elderly, youth and prison ministry.

Giving of one's time and talents to the faith community and the community at large.

Financial support of Community of Acts.

Help in planning, developing, and planting new missions in America.

2: The Support Level
People who support the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in going forth and sharing the Gospel with the world.

This level is for people who have a genuine concern and are moved to support us from afar in our ministry in sharing the Gospel.

Financial support of Community of Acts.

Prayer Support.

Helping develop and communicate financial networks in support of Community of Acts and the Anglican Mission in America.