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Current Events and Topics of Concern

The Anglican Mission in America, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion as an outreach of the province of Rwanda, has weighed in on the Episcopal Church’s decision to confirm the first openly gay bishop in the history of the Christian Church.

In voicing its disapproval, the Anglican Mission contends that the central issue is not, at its core, about homosexual practice or lifestyle, although the1998 global meeting of Anglican bishops [Lambeth Conference] unambiguously declared the practice and lifestyle to be incompatible with Scripture.

“The real issue before us is a church, the Episcopal Church in this country (ECUSA), that is in direct conflict with the Scriptures” declared the Rt. Rev. Chuck Murphy, the Anglican Mission’s Chairman.

Murphy cited a December, 1997 interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine in which the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop, Frank Griswold, acknowledged as much, by stating:

“Broadly speaking, the Episcopal Church is in conflict with scripture. ... (One) would have to say that the mind of Christ operative in the church over time ... has led the church to in effect contradict the words of the Gospel."

Murphy notes that "it is this kind of confusion and presumption from the very highest levels of leadership in the U.S. Episcopal Church that has now produced both this latest vote to confirm the election of Gene Robinson, and the severe crisis of Faith and leadership that now exists within the worldwide Anglican Communion. The situation now before us within the U.S. Episcopal Church demands correction, and invites the outside intervention that will, I am sure, be forthcoming."

The Anglican Mission in America is a missionary outreach of the Anglican Province of Rwanda, established three years ago in response to the crisis of faith and leadership that exists within the Episcopal Church, to focus on reaching out to the 130 million spiritually-disconnected people in the United States. The Anglican Mission is a growing movement of churches now stretching throughout the United States.